Established in 2007, NLP Research International Sdn Bhd is a government-certified training provider of public workshops, corporate in-house training and teambuilding events. NLP Research International was founded as the Malaysia's founding member to the America Board of NLP ( American Board of NLP, based in Nevada, USA is a worldwide organization responsible for promoting and regulating the teaching of Neuro-Lingustic Programming.

Uniquely, we are the first few hybrid training providers in Malaysia, that brings all the latest talent development needs under one roof.

Our public workshops, corporate in-house training and teambuilding events are attended by government organizations, government-linked corporations (GLC), multi-national companies (MNC) and regional small-medium enterprises all over South East Asia. We are absolutely committed to furnish quality, engaging and fun adult-learning solutions to the corporate and public sectors.

We are a fast growing organization merely because we believe in partnering with our clients to advance their productivity, professionalism and profitability.

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